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IVANS Bookroll

Automatically receive and evaluate agencies’ books of business data.

Manually managing the book transfer process can be inefficient and costly. Individually visiting each agency to manually review paperwork and policy files or having your agents print and mail/transmit policies individually can take time away from the business of selling insurance. IVANS makes it easier for your agents to do business with you by gathering policy data and delivering it to your systems without requiring additional input from your agency partners. IVANS Bookroll™ is a data extraction service that allows you to easily receive and evaluate Applied Epic and Applied TAM agencies' book of business data, so you can grow and analyze your book of business as you expand relationships, appoint new agents or enter new markets.

Key Benefits

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Increase ease of doing business with agency partners

Eliminate time spent manually processing files and visiting individual agencies to assess books of business.

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Automate operations and reduce errors

Increase data accuracy by eliminating re-keying and reduce turnaround time for analysis and quotes.

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Quickly identify growth opportunities

Diversify your book of business and expand agency relationships by evaluating and acquiring new segments of an agency’s business in a single process.

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