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Digitize the insurance application and renewal process

Stop sending your clients unruly PDF forms and spreadsheets during the insurance application process. Unify the application and renewal data gathering process, eliminating redundancies in data gathering while ensuring data accuracy. Indio simplifies the insurance application process to make it faster, more collaborative, easier, and minimize errors and omissions, saving agencies and their clients’ time and money.

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Key Benefits

Increase efficiency and time savings

Eliminate duplicate data entry and time wasted navigating separate individual applications.

Drive greater customer satisfaction

Simplify the application response process by automating the data population across multiple insurer applications, eliminating unnecessary duplicate data entry for customers while reducing errors & omissions risk.

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Win and retain more business

Arm producers with a simplified application process for customers and prospects to complete so they can more quickly generate cross-sell/round out accounts and increase customer retention.  

Key Capabilities

  • Extensive application library

    Access the vast library of more than 15,000 insurance applications, including common forms, supplemental insurer applications, custom agency applications and questionnaires to create a single data capture process and simplified data mapping to automate application completion for agencies.

  • Smart change tracking

    Stop digging through hundreds of spreadsheet rows to find information that the client changed. Indio intelligently shows you what’s changed from year to year so you don't have to search for it.

  • Track client application process

    Intelligent activity tracking provides agencies visibility into when clients sign in, fill out information, sign forms, and submit data.

  • Renewal automation

    One-click to start the renewal process with relevant data pre-filled from the previous year’s application.

  • Bi-Directional Integration with Applied Epic

    Seamlessly exchange account data, ACORD data, schedule exposure data, and policy headers between Indio and Applied Epic via a bi-directional auto-sync, reducing the need to rekey data between the two systems.

  • Import schedule workbooks

    Upload existing schedule workbooks and Indio will instantly turn them into interactive online tables of schedule data.

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