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Applied Benefits Designer

Dynamically evaluate competitive healthcare plans in real time.

Showcase your unique ability to find the best coverage and creative cost-saving solutions to guide your clients to the right healthcare decisions. Generate professional benefit plan proposals in minutes, then have on-the-spot conversations to quickly finalize medical, Rx and ancillary plan selections. Demonstrate the impact on both employees and employers at a glance, reducing the number of meetings you have to schedule to finalize each renewal. Applied Benefits Designer™ rapidly models innovative benefit plans in a clear, visual format that enables agencies to more quickly secure new and renewal business. Log in to Applied Benefits Designer.

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Key Benefits

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Reduce time and cost to service accounts

Eliminate difficult, time-consuming number crunching and reduce the number of meetings with real-time plan modeling.

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Show employers what they want to see

Present data the way employers prefer to see it – both as averages and individual premiums.

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Reconcile insurer quote inconsistencies

Insurers often provide quotes in different ways. Create proposals in one consistent style in just minutes, saving time and improving ease of understanding for quicker decision making.

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Effectively guide and control costs for self-funded, fully insured and community rated clients

Create countless plans based on client needs and compare side-by-side using an interactive presentation tool. Use claims modeling to see the impact on cost, and contribution modeling to determine the best plans.


  • Plan comparisons

    Provide interactive presentations that instantly highlight the difference between plans. Move from high-level overviews to detailed plan comparisons with a few clicks to see the immediate impact of each plan design change.

  • Real-time cost updates

    Provide unique cost-saving measures on-the-spot during meetings with automatic adjustments to plans based on a defined contribution or budgeted amount for both large and small groups.

  • Funding options modeling

    Model the impact of different funding vehicles including HSA contributions, deductible and co-insurance HRA, and utilization projections.

  • Instant proposal generation

    Create professional, customized branded proposals in minutes. Store medical, Rx and ancillary plans in your agency database for reuse later without redundant data entry.

  • Community rating

    Remove the complexity from Community Rating premium structures. Streamline the process to save time and make it easier for your clients to understand.

  • Self-funding

    Simplify self-funding conversations by easily explaining this alternative funding strategy with side-by-side comparisons and showing employers how changing variables affect their plans in real time.

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