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Agency Management System

  • Man dressed in business casual attire sitting and using a laptop.

    Applied Epic

    Manage all lines of business across all locations and roles in a single application.

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  • Woman in casual attire sitting outside and using a tablet.

    Applied TAM

    Manage day-to-day business operations with maximum productivity.

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  • Man in casual attire holding a laptop in both hands and looking down at the laptop screen.

    Applied DORIS

    Build and manage an entire business in a single application.

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  • Two colleagues dressed in business casual attire sitting and interacting with a laptop.

    Applied Benefits Designer

    Dynamically evaluate competitive healthcare plans in real time.

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  • White clouds in a blue sky.

    Applied Cloud

    Rely on the only cloud purpose-built for the insurance industry.

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  • Woman in casual attire smiling while using a laptop.

    Microsoft® Exchange

    Get more done with a rich, business-class email experience.

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Data Analytics

  • Close up of person using a tablet.

    Applied Analytics

    Make more informed business decisions with data-driven insights.

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Insurance Application Software

  • Indio

    Digitize the insurance application and renewal process

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Insurer Connectivity

  • Woman in business casual attire using a laptop.

    Applied Rater

    Provide more product choice in less time.

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  • Two colleagues interacting with a laptop.

    IVANS Markets

    Find the best markets for your commercial risks.

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  • Close up of hands typing on laptop keyboard.

    IVANS Download

    Reduce paperwork and access the latest policy information.

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  • Close up of two laptops and two colleagues interacting with stack of papers.

    IVANS Exchange

    Actively manage your insurer download connections.

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  • Man dressed in business casual attire looking at computer screen with his chin resting in his hand.

    IVANS eServicing

    Efficiently manage policy inquiries on demand.

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  • Woman in business attire using phone

    Applied Mobile

    Empower your staff with the information they need on the go.

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  • Man dressed in business attire looking out a window while holding a phone.

    Applied CSR24

    Deliver a more connected 24/7 client experience.

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  • Man dressed in business attire walking outside while using phone and holding bag.

    Applied MobileInsured

    Provide your clients on-the-go access to insurance information via a mobile app.

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Sales and Marketing Automation

  • Applied Epic for Salesforce®

    Give your sales and marketing the power of Salesforce while keeping the rest of your business informed in Applied Epic.

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  • Applied Marketing Automation

    Reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

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