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The rapid pace of change and staying ahead of clients' digital appetites

BancorpSouth wanted to stay ahead of their clients’ digital appetites. “We needed to be visionaries,” said Scott Naugle, executive vice president, BancorpSouth Insurance Services. “Our clients are becoming more technologically proficient, and it’s important to stay ahead of them.” The agency needed the technology to support their growing digital transformation strategy.

Because of the efficiencies gained from using Applied Epic, we have been able to take on more business. Given that we are in a soft market, I know that it’s our management system that has directly impacted our RPE.

Scott Naugle

Executive Vice President


Technology to support digital transformation

BancorpSouth decided to build their digital transformation with Applied Epic, the fastest growing and most widely used management system in the world, as the foundation. Applied Epic is the most technologically advanced software application for independent insurance agencies to automate business operations and provide a single view of prospects and customers across all lines of business.

The agency supports its digital transformation with Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based client self-service software to exceed client expectations for convenient, omnichannel customer service. Applied CSR24 also enables automated insured certificate processing, enabling staff to save time through batch processing and client specific certificate template management functionality. Applied Mobile, the first mobile insurance agent application to bring client, policy and sales information to mobile devices, offers staff anytime, anywhere mobile access to account details, so they can provide superior customer service from the field.

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    Applied Epic

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    Applied CSR24

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Forward-thinking technology: Increased RPE through automation and enhanced customer service

Applied CSR24 is a critical part of BancorpSouth’s digital transformation strategy to enable their customers to interact with the agency 24/7. All 33 BancorpSouth offices are on the same system, which streamlines integration of newly acquired books of business. “Transitioning newly acquired agencies to Applied Epic is very easy,” said Naugle. “Our staff speaks very highly of the system, creating confidence when new employees come on board.” One central management system enables the entire agency to move and work among locations, providing clients a quick response regardless of the situation. The ease of document management within Applied Epic ensures everyone is working from the same data.

Since moving to Applied Epic in 2013, revenue per employee (RPE) at BancorpSouth has increased by 10 percent. “Because of the efficiencies gained from using Applied Epic, we have been able to take on more business,” said Naugle. “Given that we are in a soft market, I know that it’s our management system that has directly impacted our RPE.”

Applied CSR24 is a critical part of BancorpSouth’s digital transformation strategy, providing cloud-based self-service to clients with anytime access to insurance documents. “Applied enables us to offer our clients what they need, on their schedule,” said Naugle. “Our clients are used to anytime service, and Applied CSR24 gives them that option. Omnichannel customer service options from Applied allow our clients to interact with us however they choose.” Additionally, Applied CSR24 automates certificate processing and batch renewals, enabling staff to provide faster customer service. The customer service team has seen more than a 75 percent increase in productivity due to the certificate processing capabilities.

BancorpSouth benefits from Applied Mobile, which offers staff the ability to work from anywhere. “Mobility in the 21st century is critically important,” said Naugle. “Being out in the field and responding in real time adds to the overall customer experience. Business is no longer nine to five, and we need to be able to respond to that.” Producers have embraced being able to access and manage client and prospect information while in the field, allowing for a single point of data entry to keep workflows seamless. As a forward-thinking agency, BancorpSouth is taking advantage of every opportunity with Applied technology to operate in a digital insurance market.

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