EZLynx Acquisition FAQs

Q: What are the details of today’s announcement

A: On March 9, 2021 Applied Systems closed on its previously announced agreement to acquire EZLynx.  This transaction brings together Applied Systems, a leading global provider of insurance software, with EZLynx, a pioneer in real-time comparative rating and one of the fastest growing agency management systems. This complementary acquisition expands Applied’s portfolio of agency management system and rating technologies to support automation for agencies of all sizes while also increasing connectivity across the distribution channel to create greater value for all stakeholders.

Q: Why is this happening?

A: As agencies and insurers are investing in technologies that decrease cycle time and reduce costs, the time is now to further lean into investments that increase connectivity to create a more collaborative and valuable distribution channel for all stakeholders. 

Applied’s acquisition of EZLynx expands agency choice of management systems that provide the capabilities to support their unique business model needs. Additionally, Applied will integrate EZLynx’s industry-leading real-time comparative personal lines rating technology with Applied’s portfolio of products, including Applied Epic, creating a “better together” user experience between the applications while giving agencies even greater access to personal lines products. The combined companies are evaluating opportunities to integrate Applied’s extended digital agency solutions with EZLynx’s agency management system to create greater automation and connectivity for the smaller, fast-growing, personal lines-focused agency segment that values all-in-one technology solutions.

Additionally, EZLynx has a strong track record of customer loyalty, product and cultural innovation, and an ability to leverage global engineering capabilities, all of which support Applied’s innovation mission.

Applied will continue to support and grow EZLynx’s relationship with Market Access Providers/Aggregators and integration with non-Applied broker management solutions in the marketplace.

Q: How will this benefit EZLynx and Applied Systems customers?

A:  EZLynx’s customers and partners will experience no impact to their primary services, support, and sales contacts. We believe the combination of Applied and EZLynx provides significant benefits and greater choice to both companies’ customers, partners, and other stakeholders in the industry. Applied is committed to investing behind the combined teams to drive continued product innovation and deliver the highest level of value to our customers and partners. Our customers will greatly benefit from expanded choice of management system technology and tighter integration of EZLynx’s personal lines real-time comparative rating technology and Applied’s digital agency solution.

Applied will continue to support and grow EZLynx’s relationship with Market Access Providers/Aggregators and integration with non-Applied broker management solutions in the marketplace.

  • Will you stop supporting EZLynx technology?
    No. Applied acquired EZLynx for its people, products, and culture. We are committed to investing in technologies to automate operations for agencies of all sizes and to increase connectivity between agencies and insurers via advanced rating technologies.
  • Will EZLynx users be forced to use Applied’s management system?
    No, Applied remains committed to investing behind and supporting EZLynx’s ONE PLATFORM and is excited to add this solution to our broader portfolio of products. The platform enables agencies to manage customers through the entire personal lines policy lifecycle. From lead nurturing and real-time home and auto quoting on an agency’s website to email marketing and retention management, EZLynx provides automation and connectivity to increase productivity and value without the complexity of systems intended for larger, composite agencies.

For more complex agencies, those that have a composite book of business and/or have a greater focus on commercial lines business, Applied Digital Agency will remain the best option to automate and scale their operations with ease.

Q: Will Applied sunset any products as part of this?

A: In the short term, all products will continue to be developed, sold, and supported. Applied will tightly integrate the EZLynx Rating Engine and library of insurer connectivity with Epic Quotes to enable a greater personal lines real-time comparative rating user experience. Data flow directly from the management system will provide a single view of the client/prospect, while eliminating time spent managing multiple data points across disparate systems.

Over the long term, both companies will evaluate opportunities to provide more value to our employees, customers, and the broader industry by combining product portfolios where it makes sense.