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In today’s fast paced environment, your business can’t afford to be wasting time with redundant data entry across different quote sources. Embrace insurer connectivity technology to automate the quoting and binding process directly from your broker management system, eliminating time and cost spent on manual processes and allowing you to deliver faster, more complete service to your customers. Interact easily with insurer partners to access a wide range of products, serve customers more efficiently and build more profitable insurers relationships.

Why insurer connectivity matters to your business


“Quoting through Applied Commercial Lines gives a 50% time saving by inputting data once to access numerous insurers.”

Source: Dan McDonald, Everett Mead Insurance Brokers


Number of keystrokes eliminated with eTrading

Source: Neil Grimshaw, Director Ravenhall Risk Solutions


“In the last three years, imarket has seen an average of 80% year-on-year growth in held Commercial Lines policy count, and we plan to reach 250,000 policies this year.”

Source: Phil Nunn, Sales and Marketing Manager Polaris

Peer Insights

Optimise insurer relationships for greater efficiency

Hear how integrated eTrading enables a fellow broker to strengthen customer relationships by reducing the amount of time spent re-entering data and further streamlining their workflows.

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