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Broker Management System

  • Man dressed in business casual attire sitting and using a laptop.

    Applied Epic

    Gain a single view across branches, roles and brands in a single application.

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  • Woman in casual attire sitting outside and using a tablet.

    Applied TAM

    Manage day-to-day business operations with maximum productivity.

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  • Man dressed in casual attire sitting at a table using a tablet.

    Applied QuoteXpress

    Provide the best products and services in less time.

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  • Woman in business attire using phone

    Applied Mobile

    Empower your employees with the information they need on the go.

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  • Man dressed in business attire looking out a window while holding a phone.

    Applied CSR24

    Deliver a more connected 24/7 client experience.

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  • Applied MobileInsured

    Provide your clients on-the-go access to insurance information via a mobile app.

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Insurer Connectivity

  • Woman dressing in business attire holding a laptop and looking at inventory.

    Commercial Lines

    Enabling real-time Commercial Lines quoting across a range of insurers.

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  • Three people dressed in casual attire interacting with a tablet in a home.

    Personal Lines

    Automating quoting across a range of Personal Lines insurers.

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  • White clouds in a blue sky.

    Applied Cloud

    Rely on the only cloud purpose-built for the insurance industry.

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