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Education & Training

Take advantage of bespoke training at your location as well as comprehensive online educational resources anytime, anywhere.

Realise the full potential of your Applied technology investment. Empower your workforce with the education and training they need to keep productivity high. Applied Education and Training provides continual education through in-person sessions at your business and online tutorials, including more than 3,000 instructor-led courses available through Applied University.

Key Benefits

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Successfully manage change

Mobilise, prepare and engage your staff to operate efficiently during your business’ digital transformation.

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Train at your business on your schedule

Provide a more intimate learning experience to your staff with hands-on, onsite training bespoke to your business’ specialised requirements.

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Access Applied University 24/7

Virtually attend Applied University, a comprehensive online training resource that provides step-by-step education for operating Applied solutions.

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Applied is ready to provide your business with the advanced insurance software and solutions you need to become a digital broker.