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Applied WealthTrack

Better manage client relationships and business processes in a single system.

Gain complete visibility and control over sales, clients, staff productivity and fees so focus can be given to clients for lead generation and sales tracking. Enhance client relationships through accurate fact finds, effective CRM and document management. Use comprehensive reporting, including time reporting and compliance tracking, to align financials and regulatory requirements. Applied WealthTrack™ provides a client-centred process that measures lead generation, sales pipeline management, fact-finding, client management, productivity and revenue generation.

Key Benefits

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Better manage your sales pipeline

Manage and track client communication, tasks, activities and time spent working on the client file; complete with email and SMS message integration.

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Streamline document management

Integrated document scanning enables client documents to be available instantly from a single repository. Access a template letter library to quickly manage communications.

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Automate policy updates

Leverage partnerships with all major life offices to update policy values and automate policy update notifications to clients.

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Simplify sales operations

Manage sales commissions and payment schedule with ease and take advantage of full reporting for commission reconciliation.

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Target marketing campaigns

Integrated marketing communications, like email and SMS, allows for targeted client communications and interactive marketing campaigns to more strategically drive new potential business.

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