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Empower your employees with the information they need on the go.

Access customer, prospect and policy information on demand to improve customer service and sell business more efficiently. Keep customer and prospect information current, synchronised and safe across systems to easily manage sales opportunities and enhance customer service. Applied Mobile® is the first insurance mobile application to bring customer, prospect, policy and sales information from your broker management system to mobile devices, so you can stay connected on the go with a direct link back to the office.

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Key Benefits

Access information at the tap of an icon

Benefit from on-demand access to customer and prospect insurance information while on the go.

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Keep activities synced between systems in real time

Ensure the most up-to-date information is available to all employees with activities and opportunities instantly added to the appropriate account in your broker management system.

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Fully utilise device features

Work more efficiently by using mobile native applications, like maps, to pinpoint nearby prospects or locations for meetings. Use communication channels to call, send emails or instant messages to customers, prospects and colleagues.


  • Sales opportunities

    View, add and manage sales opportunities directly from your mobile device, with information synced directly to Applied Epic for seamless connectivity.

  • Prospect applications

    Start an application in the field and the information is automatically sent directly into your management system for your CSRs to begin a new quote.

  • Risk analysis tools

    Access narratives, survey coverage assessments and supplemental data about your insureds’ specific type of business with embedded risk analysis surveys.

  • On-the-go claims access

    Accelerate the claims submission process by initiating a claims workflow in the field.

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