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Applied Motor

Quote and bind the broadest range of motor insurance products.

Provide complete market coverage to your customers. Rebroke existing and potential private motor policies with ease. Applied Motor™ offers an unrivalled range of insurers and full-cycle EDI schemes, making it the product of choice for all brokers selling motor insurance. With approximately 85% of Irish brokers accessing the system on a daily basis, insurers and underwriters know they have a reliable distribution channel to sell their products.

Key Benefits

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Manage document production by user

Generate batch documents based on pre-defined rules and the motor scheme selected, as well as automatically send diary reminder to ensure required documentation is returned by the customer within specified timescales.

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Process renewals with ease

Manage renewals quickly with pre-configured information and run reports to stay on top of the process to keep customers.

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Quote last year's prospects

Produce a batch of letters for multiple clients showing what this year’s Motor premium could be, based on the risk details that you currently have saved.


  • Full-Cycle Motor

    New business premium and referral override; permanent and temporary MTAs; automatic renewal re-broke; complete policy and risk history.

  • Electronic Payment Delivery

    Payment card industry (PCI) compliant; credit and debit card processing; deferred and recurring payments; paperless direct debits.

  • Vehicle Registration Matching

    Retrieve vehicles accurately and reduce operator entry time; process substitutions and underwrite effectively.

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Applied is ready to provide your business with the advanced insurance software and solutions you need to become a digital broker.

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