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Compare Home products and prices quickly for the largest range of products.

Provide the greatest range of home product choice and service with ease to your customers. Leverage a refined question set to quickly compare prices while also making sure all rating factors have been taken into account. Applied Home™ compares home prices quickly and efficiently offers the largest range of products combined with the most simplistic administration available. Integration with the Applied Relay platform makes policy fulfilment and documentation production flow logically, allowing all further information to be collected in a product-specific manner.

Key Benefits

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Automate address verification

Geo-code lookup allows underwriters greater flexibility; eradicate mistakes at the point of entry; ensure all postage is delivered to the correct policyholder; accurate pricing from more products.

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Review detailed product comparison

All fixed and percentage products displayed; product excesses and benefits readily available; detailed premium breakdown to inform changes.

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Access instant policy documentation

SOF/ Proposal produced at point of quotation; policy number and schedule available when cover incepted; PDFs can be emailed directly to policy holder; all documents stored for future reference.

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Utilise full-cycle processing

New business premium and referral override; permanent and temporary mid-term adjustments; automatic renewal re-broke; complete policy and risk history.

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Manage payment delivery electronically

Payment card industry (PCI) compliant; credit and debit card processing; deferred and recurring payments; paperless direct debits.


  • Mid-term adjustments

    Adjust policies mid-term with those insurers who support Full-Cycle

  • Quote management

    Automatically store quotes to quickly convert prospects to clients through outbound telephone and marketing campaigns.

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