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Applied Relay

A seamless back-office solution for brokers and underwriters to manage a successful business.

Improve automation and maximise productivity to grow sales. Utilise a seamless back-office solution that integrates full-cycle eTrading and e-commerce products to manage all your business in one application. Applied Relay®, Ireland’s general insurance brokers product of choice, facilitates all client and policy management, accounting, document management, reporting and reconciliation needs of our many customers.

Key Benefits

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Provide customer payment options

Automatically update client account posting the payments received, with receipts and supporting documentation generated and saved within the client portfolio.

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Integrate with the Microsoft® Office Suite

Automatically record all client emails within the client portfolio in Microsoft Outlook; create and manage policy documents in Microsoft Word; and export reports and data into Microsoft Excel.

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Manage underwriters

End-to-end accounting from broker to insurer; produce professional broker statements; deliver detailed electronic Bordeau reports for insurers; automatic reconciliation of transactions.

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Standardise management and financial reporting

Out-of-the-box management and financial reporting; export results to chosen format including Excel and PDF; automatic scheduler allows results to be emailed at any chosen date and time; all reports stored for future reference.

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Automate document management

Automatic indexing and storage of outgoing documents; scan, index and track incoming documentation; retrieve documents with ease against client, policy account or claim.

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Applied is ready to provide your business with the advanced insurance software and solutions you need to become a digital broker.

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