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Access the expertise and technology to effectively translate and distribute data.

Increase connectivity with your entire distribution channel and other business partners through efficient data translation and integration. Outsource your translation work to Applied and save on internal resource costs. Applied uses CSIO AL3 and XML for personal, and supports third-party information providers and provincial regulatory authorities to easily move data between any disparate systems.

Key Benefits

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Increase ease of doing business with your brokerage partners

Effectively translate and distribute policy-related data directly into your partners' management systems in CSIO format so that your brokerage partners always access the latest and most accurate policy information.

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Reduce time and cost spent managing translations

Automate download and improve time to market by eliminating time and expense configuring, managing and maintaining multiple connectivity solutions.

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Partner with experienced industry leaders

Benefit from working with a team of translation and integration specialists with deep domain expertise and more brokerage-insurer-MGA interface focus than any other provider.

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