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Applied eServicing

Automate service with broker partners.

Ensure timely service for insureds and ease of doing business for your brokers through increased automated data exchange. Applied eServicing is an end-to-end integrated solution that enables your business to instantly service policy, billing, claims and payment inquiries directly from brokerage management systems to your policy admin system.

Key Benefits

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Strengthen brokerage relationships

Provide brokers immediate access to brokerage policy, billing, claims and payment information without ever having to leave their management system.

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Close business faster

Complete underwriting and policy binding workflows through a direct integration with Applied Rating Services.

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Create a better customer experience for brokers and insureds

Allow insureds to access your bill pay website directly from their broker’s self-service portal.

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Increase operational efficiency

Receive, process and respond to broker requests directly between brokerage management systems and your policy administration system.


  • Single sign-on

    Single sign-on enables brokers to authenticate themselves once with your portal. Single sign-on increases security because passwords are not stored or managed externally, and reduces your IT costs due to a lower number of help desk inquiries.

  • One-click brokerage inquiry

    Via single sign-on, brokers can make one-click inquiries, which eliminates the need for password updates, decreases the amount of time brokers spend in your portal, and increases security for your business.

  • Insured bill pay connectivity

    Insured-insurer connectivity enables policyholders to access your bill pay website from their brokerage’s customer self-service portal, allowing for a more connected customer experience.

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